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Your Ultimate Guide to Summer Toys that Keep Kids Active

Summer is one of the best times of year for kids to get in the exercise they need to be healthy. But let’s be honest, they can get bored pretty quickly.  The good news is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep your kids occupied over the summer. Keeping a few outdoor toys around is all it takes to make their time outside fun. And it helps them to burn off their energy before coming back inside. Here is our ultimate guide to summer toys that keep kids active…

Nerf Super Soaker Barrage

When the weather is hot, few things feel better than cool water. And if you can’t get to the pool, water guns are the next best thing. They get kids running around and burning off energy without burning up in the heat.

Best for ages: 6+

Animal Ride On for Pools

If you can make it to the pool, pool floats are a nice addition. They help little kids get used to the water and allow school-age kids to take a break from swimming. Animal floats that kids can ride on are a hit with both age groups.

Best for ages: 3-8

Halo Printed Retro Skateboard

Skateboards are a classic summer pastime. They give your kid a skill to work on over the summer that keeps them fit and gets them out of the house. They may even make a few friends learning to skate together.

Best for ages: 6+

Nerf Super Soaker Hoverflood

Water guns let kids have fun chasing each other, but the Hoverflood adds an element of random chaos to their games. This toy hovers in the air and could squirt anyone. Kids will have fun trying to run away, or run under the spray to cool off.

Best for ages: 6+

Trolls Gardening Set

Get your kids out in the garden with you, with a set of gardening tools that are right-sized for small hands. Trolls themed gardening tools make the activity even more fun.

Best for ages: 4-7

Nerf Chewbacca Bowcaster Super Soaker

There’s a reason several different water toys are on this list. They’re a big hit when the weather gets hot. The Chewbacca Bowcaster Super Soaker adds an element of story-themed fun to play time.

Best for ages: 6+


Kites are a traditional outdoor toy that kids have been enjoying for centuries. They come in a ton of different designs. You can even get color-your-own kites that give kids an activity for rainy days and a toy to use when the weather is nice.

Best for ages: 4+

Jump Rope

Another traditional toy that never grows old is a jump rope. Kids can play on their own or with friends and come up with rhymes and games to play while jumping. Even adults can get in on the fun with a bit of outdoor exercise.

Best age: 5+

Chalk Crayon Set

You may not think of colouring as a particular active thing for kids to do. But when you equip them with chalk, they can create a whole world of art to explore outside. They have the opportunity to make large pictures that require bigger movements, and they can create mazes and hopscotch games, as well.

Best for ages: 4-12

Silly String

Kids love Silly String. Something about making a colourful mess is irresistible to them. And taking it outdoors gives them more room to run around causing chaos (without damaging household items).

Best for ages: 6+

Beach Toys

We’ve mentioned a few different water toys, but for most kids a trip to the beach or pool is the ultimate summer fun. Prepare them for the trip with sand toys and swim goggles.

Best for ages: 3+

Sports Equipment

Playing sports is an ever popular way to enjoy the summer weather. Your kids have a ton of options to choose from, including:

And younger kids can practice kicking, throwing, and bouncing with character-themed inflated balls. They don’t have to play a particular sport to get practice in sports skills.

Best for ages: All ages

It’s not only outdoor toys that keep kids active in the summer, either. It’s great for them to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine, but sometimes it’s just too hot for playing outdoors.

When that’s the case, kids can still stay active with toys that spark make-believe, like toy trucks or stuffed animals.

Check out our latest flyer for more ideas on inexpensive ways to keep your kids busy this summer.