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Your Christmas Shopping List Solved! We’ve Got Ideas for All Ages

Christmas time is tough. You want to make the kids in your life happy — whether they are your own children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or the children of friends. But it’s near impossible to find gifts that everyone likes. And it would take a long time to do all the research yourself on what gifts are most popular right now or most popular with certain ages.

Fortunately we’ve done all the research for you.

This article solves your Christmas shopping list for you with kids’ gift ideas for all ages. Within this short guide, we provide gift suggestions based on trends and toy research, and we dig deep to find gifts for even the most difficult kid to buy for on your list.

Here’s what we found…

What do kids like for Christmas?

Although some people try to say that with all of the video games and digital entertainment options available to kids today, they don’t play with toys anymore, that’s not true at all. Kids still love getting toys. A toy is something they can hold in their hands and physically interact with, and they just don’t get that from looking at a screen.

A toy is something a kid can own and make a place for in their bedroom or playroom. Downloading a new app is not the same experience.

That being said, finding the right toy for a kid on your list is not necessarily about knowing which are the newest toys available. It’s more about knowing the right kind of toys for the individual you are purchasing for.

Because many kids spend a lot of their free time sitting and looking at a screen, the kinds of gifts that go over well at any age are those that allow kids to get up, move around, and interact with something— like fidget spinners.

Why do you think fidget spinners have been so popular with kids?

It’s because, like a mobile device, these small toys can be taken anywhere. But in contrast to a mobile device, a fidget spinner allows kids to interact with a real physical object instead of a screen. They’re still learning how objects in our world work, and toys like these with gears and moving parts fascinate them.

At Samko and Miko Toy Warehouse, we have a fun set of four Harry Potter-themed fidget spinners. Click here to check them out.

But few toys appeal to everyone, so here are some more specific ideas…

What should I get my toddler girl for Christmas?

Toddlers love stuffed animals. They are comfort object and entertaining toy all in one.

Perfect gift ideas for toddler girls include:

Ultrasoft White Unicorn Plush

Fisher-Price Shimmer and Shine Plush Zeta Doll

What should I get I toddler boy for Christmas?

As with toddler girls, stuffed animals are a favorite for this age.

Perfect gift ideas for toddler boys include:

Pajanimals Plush Apollo

Pajanimals Plush Squacky

What are the best gifts for a 10 year old boy?

As kids get older, stuffed animals are not going to cut it anymore. They need toys that will hold their interests. And the best way to do that is to help them learn things about their world (while hiding from them the fact that they are actually learning something).

Perfect gift ideas for a 10-year-old boy include:

Block Tech Morph Warrior (341 pieces)

NHL Buildable Playmaker Set (123 pieces)

Discovery HD action Sports Camera

What are the best gifts for a 10 year old girl?

Girls at this age are often interested in gifts that require intricacy in fine motor skills — that is, things they can do with their hands. Gifts in this category include things like craft kits and science kits.

Perfect gift ideas for a 10-year-old girl include:

National Geographic Glow-in-the-Dark Slime Lab

DIY-Wear Glitzy Glam Kit

Fuzzeez Teddy Bear Craft Kit

What to get the kid who has everything?

Sometimes it seems like the kid you are shopping for already has everything. When that’s the case, we often suggest going with a gift that allows them to create their own things, such as an art kit like the Cra-Z-Art 80 Piece Super Art Set.

Things like markers and paints dry up or run out over time, so it’s helpful to replenish their supply.

Keep in mind that the toy categories listed here are only suggestions. You may find that the particular child you are buying for prefers toys that are unconventional for their age or gender. Buy them a toy they will enjoy rather than the toy they are “supposed to” enjoy.

If you think this article was useful, feel free to share it with friends who may also need Christmas shopping list suggestions.