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Top Brands for Baby Toys

There are certain things you look for when shopping for top brand toys for a baby or toddler. And safety is one of the top priorities for this age group. That’s because seemingly safe items can become a hazard quickly if, for instance, they are small enough to swallow.

One of the best ways to ensure safety for your little one is to purchase toys from trusted brands that have rigorous safety standards.

We’ve scouted out some of the most trusted brands for baby toys and toddler toys and compiled them here, to make shopping for safe, fun toys easy. Check out what we found…


Fisher-Price toys has been around since the 1930s. They’re a well-known name in toys for young children. Today, they are a part of the Mattel company, and they continue their reputation for providing some of the best toys available.

One of the things you can trust from Fisher-Price is that they will let you know as soon as possible if one of their products has been recalled for safety issues. In fact, they keep an easily found list on their website that contains recalled toys from the last two decades from their brand.

Some types of toys we carry at Samko & Miko from Fisher-Price include:

  • Baby play mats for floor time
  • Baby gear, like cradles and swings
  • Easy puzzles for babies and toddlers
  • Stacking toys
  • And a variety of learning toys

A classic type of Fisher-Price toy that is not only loved by babies and toddlers, but also helps teach them balance and motor skills, is the Fisher-Price Smart Stages Mower. Pretend lawn mower toys have been around for decades, and children still love them. This one talks and plays songs.

Thomas & Friends

One particular line of Fisher-Price toys that has maintained popularity for many years is the Thomas & Friends toy train sets. They’re a great way for toddlers to have fun, build, and learn. And they teach gross and fine motor skills.

The toys are available in a variety of train cars, tracks, and accessories, and many children enjoy playing with trains, making them a safe bet for gift giving. You can also get other Thomas & Friends themed products, like story books.

The Talking Thomas Motorized Action Engine submerges kids in their favourite Thomas the Train episodes from the TV show by saying several popular phrases during play.

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol is another popular TV series that has made itself a top contender in toddler toys. The cartoon features kids, loveable dogs, and other animals. And in addition to toy figures, children can also get Paw Patrol card games, board games, and books.

An excellent option for toddlers at least age 3 is the Paw Patrol Giant Art & Activity Tray. It comes with crayons, stickers, paints, markers, and more, all with kids’ favourite characters from the Paw Patrol cartoon.


Like Thomas & Friends, Barbie is a toy brand that has been around for many decades and remains a child favourite. Over time, the toy line has expanded to include many more doll options than the original doll.

But even in its early years, Barbie was a toy that celebrated female strength and equality. As early as 1960, the toy line created career dolls dressed in various work clothes. And in 1965, they released Astronaut Barbie. They went on to create even more doll varieties of different vocations, lifestyles, and ethnicities. Barbie brand is currently part of the Mattel toy company, one of the most popular toy companies around.

Barbie tends to be a toy for older kids, but the brand does carry toddler-appropriate products as well. A good one is the Mega Bloks Barbie Fairy Treehouse Building Set. The treehouse set includes a fairy Barbie figure.

Hot Wheels

Like Barbie and Fisher-Price, Hot Wheels is also part of the Mattel toy company. And like these other popular brands, Hot Wheels has maintained popularity with children for decades. Like many modern toy lines, they’ve expanded their product selection beyond the original tiny cars.

You can now also find Hot Wheels playsets, race tracks, and RC racers. The Hot Wheels Mega Mat made from foam tiles is a safe and fun way for younger kids to play with their toys cars. It provides a setting for imaginary play, as well as being comfortable for kids to kneel, sit, or lay on.

Any of these brands are a great idea for the younger kids you shop for.