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Top 5 Holiday Toys for Kids Ages 3-9

Kids between the ages of 3 and 9 are really in the sweet spot for enjoying hands-on toys, that’s why we’ve crated this quick list of the top 5 holiday toys for kids ages 3-9. Earlier than the age of 3, pretty much anything can be interesting, so the choice of toy isn’t as important. And after that age, playing with toys really starts to take a backseat to other interests, like sports and playing on devices.

Of course, there are so many toys to choose from, how do you know what to get kids in this age range?

No worries, Samko & Miko Toy Warehouse has holiday toy suggestions based on our years of experience in kids toys.


Trains are classic kids toys. And they haven’t gone out of style yet. Thomas the Train continues to make train toys that appeal to modern kids, with their bright colour and fun faces.

They keep kids engaged and challenge their problem solving skills by requiring them to put the track pieces together in an order that works.

Thomas the Train toys are great for kids on the younger end of this age range, between 3 and 6. And don’t make the mistake of thinking only boys like trains. These toys are the perfect gift for any young child.


There’s a reason that the classics stick around. Barbie dolls are another line of toys that have maintained popularity over time.

They’ve really expanded their reach over the years, making Barbie enjoyable for even more kids.

Toys like dolls allow kids to role play situations and practice empathy. They learn to think like other people and understand that someone may have a different opinion than them as they develop their doll’s personality.

Barbie dolls and their accessories are great for the older end of this range, so consider them for 6 to 9 year olds. At this age, kids are better able to make up conversations and role play with dolls and action figures.

Hot Wheels

Some kids like to collect Hot Wheels even past the age where playing with toys is frequent. That being said, the kids most likely to enjoy this toy as a holiday gift are those between the ages of 5 and 8.

Putting together the tracks and racing the cars helps with fine motor skills and learning to follow directions since most tracks have only one way to fit the pieces together. Hot Wheels toys are similar to trains, but they’re better for slightly older kids because of the small pieces.

A bonus to this toy is that if the child likes them, there are plenty of different Hot Wheels to collect, so you have a gift plan for the next birthday or gift-giving occasion.

Paw Patrol

If you’re still looking for something for the younger bunch (3 to 6 year olds), Paw Patrol toys bring one of their favourite TV shows to play time. These toys are covered in friendly pups that go on adventures and help each other and their town.

Encourage a kid to get away from the screen and have their own adventure with a variety of puzzles, activities, and games to play with. They’re a great way to tap into a child’s love of animal characters without filling their bedroom with yet another stuffed animal.


Legos are probably the most versatile toy on this list. Kids can start using them as young as 4, and even older kids continue to have tons of fun with them. Their play is limited only by their imagination.

Legos can be shaped into buildings, vehicles, action figures, and even their own playsets. Kids learn building and engineering skills and get to role play the scenarios they think up.

Watch out for Legos with kids 3 and under, though. Many of the sets have small pieces that toddlers can put in their mouth, nose, or ears.

Legos have been popular kids toys for decades. And now you can find a variety of themed Lego playsets that kids can use to build stories in their favourite existing story worlds.

We hope our list of top 5 holiday toys helps you find the right holiday gift for a child in your life! Remember that you can always shop our toy store online. You’ll find even more options and ideas there. We’ve got popular toys for all budgets.