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Top 10 Hands-On Toys Under $20

Never underestimate the power of toys on a child’s intelligence, happiness, and behavior. We’re not talking about spoiling or bribery. We’re talking about providing kids with activities that allow them to explore and better understand the world around them.  There no better way to do than with Hands-On Toys.

Every child should have some toys that allow for hands-on interaction. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 toys under $20.

Blokko LED 3-in-1 Light FX Trucks

Few toys are more hands-on than those that require a child to build the toy itself. That’s exactly what you get with Blokko LED 3-in-1 Light FX Trucks. The set allows for building three different models from the pieces. That means kids can try a different way to build once they’ve mastered the first one they try.

Disney Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Objects Tea Set

Exploring how adults interact with each other is an important part of childhood play. And tea sets are a classic toy for allowing children to mimic adult conversations and behaviors. The Disney Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Objects Tea Set takes this classic play time idea and adds a bit of familiar Disney fantasy.

Nerf N-Strike Slingstrike Toy

Hand-eye coordination is a big deal for kids to learn. The small, soft darts on the Nerf N-Strike Slingstrike slingshot makes it useful for indoor or outdoor play. They can set up targets and practice their aim. Believe it or not, games that teach hand-eye coordination come in handy for a variety of real life skills, like cooking food and driving a vehicle.

My Look Personalize ‘n Wear Jewelry Kit

Jewelry kits like the My Look Personalize ‘n Wear Jewelry Kit provide kids with lots of hands-on play time. Because the kit comes with such a large variety of pieces, children can make and remake bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry. It’s a great way to teach creativity and decision making skills. And it also improves fine motor skills in the fingers.

A great Hands-On Toy: EZ Play Starter Set Railway

Railroad sets are another classic childhood toy. And for younger kids, the EZ Play Starter Set Railway is an age-appropriate way to gain many of the same benefits of the jewelry making kit listed above — creativity, problem solving, and fine motor skills.

Emoji Disney Mash’ems Surprise 3 PACK

Kids often like collecting and categorizing things. And that’s exactly what they can do with Emoji Disney Mash’ems Surprise. The toys also provide tactile fun for younger kids. They’re especially good for kids who need to keep their hands busy.

Avengers Micro Lites 3 PACK

Similar to the Mash’ems above, Micro Lites are small toys intended to be collected in groups of characters. The big difference is that Avengers Micro Lites have an LED light inside. You may be wondering what real benefit small squishy toys have on kids’ development. Well here it is — toys that come in a variety of options are tradeable, and that opens the door to the development of social and negotiation skills.

NBA Toronto Raptors Over-the-Door Basketball Set

If you’re looking for something for kids a bit older, an Over-the-Door Basketball Set continues the development of hand-eye coordination. It also gives kids a chance to look away from a screen to give their eyes a break, which is important in preventing eye strain.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Construction Crash Kit

The Hot Wheels Track Builder Construction Crash Kit allows kids to choose how they want to construct the track for their cars. That means they’re engaging in decision making (which configuration they want to choose) and problem solving (how to get the pieces to fit in that configuration). It may seem like making a decision comes naturally, but it can actually be stressful for some children, especially if they are accustomed to adults making all their decisions.

Fantasma Magic Top Hat Show Kit

Magic is an ever-popular topic for children. So many books, movies, and TV shows for kids depict magical worlds, magical people, and magical creatures. The Harry Potter series is just one recent example. That’s why a magic kit like Fantasma Magic Top Hat Show Kit is a great way to get kids away from sitting in front of a screen and into doing an activity of their own.

The physical, intellectual, and social benefits of playing with toys are undeniable. Don’t let cost be a factor in keeping your kids (or other kids you know) from getting those benefits. You can find a huge selection of affordable toys at Samko & Miko Toy Warehouse.