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The Secret to Keeping Kids Focused

Are you tired of watching your kid come home from school every day only to flop in front of a screen? Do you get frustrated that they seem easily distracted from completing homework assignments or household chores? Or that they only seem to put in half effort?  The secret to keeping kids focused can be done through sports and outdoor play.

If so, then you want to pay attention to this article.

You see, there’s a really easy way to rejuvenate your child’s energy and focus after a long school day. And it’s playing sports, especially outdoors.

During the summer, your child probably got plenty of outdoor time and exercise. But once the school year starts, that can fall behind as a priority. It shouldn’t.

Playing sports actually increases your child’s ability to focus when they get back to their homework and chores. That means it’s even more important during the school to make sure your kid is engaging in some kind of physical activity.

Because Samo & Miko Toy Warehouse takes children’s development seriously, we’ve included a list of activities and sporting goods we recommend to get your kid more active.


Basketball is a popular kids’ sport, and it’s easy to play. All your kid needs is a basketball and a hoop, and they’re ready to have fun. A bonus of basketball is that it can be played with others or practiced solo. That means there’s pretty much no excuse not to play.

And when the weather gets colder, you can always bring the game indoors, in a modified way at least. Indoor arcade basketball games create a dedicated space for throwing balls in the house without damaging anything.


Back-to-school time just happens to coincide with the gearing up of hockey season. Let your kid join in the excitement by giving them a hockey stick and a ball. Hockey is more fun when it’s played in teams. And it’s easy to set up a hockey goal set so your kid can invite over friends (or play with you).

You may also want to make sure everyone’s got some protective pads if the games get intense.


Baseball is a classic backyard sport. Your kid doesn’t have to be on a team to enjoy it. Although joining team sports is a great way to keep your kid motivated to play.

If you want to let them practice in the yard outside of playing season or just casually, they’ll need a ball and a baseball glove. That’s pretty much it.

Baseball does require a play partner for the classic “pitch and catch” game.

Of course, you can also add a bat and a pitching machine to give them a bit more variety and allow them to play or practice when they can’t find someone to throw to.

Focus with Football

Another backyard game that doesn’t require much equipment is football. You can get your kid started with just a ball. Show them the right way to throw a football, and then invite their friends over to pick up a touch football or flag football game.

It’s important that children who haven’t been taught proper tackling techniques only play touch football or flag football, for safety. Tip from experienced parents: flag football takes away any arguments about whether a “touch” was completed.

Kids also should not be tackling without protective equipment.

Kids football has gotten a bad name recently because of injuries, but it’s all about teaching your kids safe playing techniques and appropriate behavior.


Like the other sports listed here, soccer is great for kids because they can play with or without a play partner. When they’re alone, they can practice running and dribbling the soccer ball. That’s ball control, and it’s important if they want to play on a team, this is great for keeping kids focused.

They’ll likely get an even better workout if they have someone to play a soccer match with, even just one-on-one.

Keeping kids focused with Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is pretty much a solo activity, so if your kid needs something to do when they have no one to hang out with, or if they’re not interested in team sports, riding a skateboard may be the after school activity for them.

That being said, just because skateboarding doesn’t require a team, that doesn’t mean they have to play alone. Kids can get together and show off their skateboard moves with their friends.

If your child isn’t ready yet for the balance required to ride a skateboard, they can also try a scooter. It still gets them moving and allows them to learn balance.

We keep sports toys and equipment in stock all year. Find the best kids Outdoor and Active kids toys for staying active and keeping their minds sharp.