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Spring Cleaning is the Perfect Time to Reevaluate Kids’ Toy Needs

Spring has finally arrived, and with it the time for tidying up, and reevaluating kids’ toy needs. Something about the warmer weather inspires us to feel energized and ready to brighten our homes.

It’s important to remember, though, that spring cleaning is about making our homes better to live in. And part of that is improving on the items within it.

As you go through your decluttering, the kids’ toys are probably at the top of your list. After all, they tend to pile up and get left in the most inconvenient places.

Here are some tips for making the most of spring cleaning for toys, including how to get kids to let go…

Organize the toys into groups

As you’re going through toys to keep or throw out, put all toys of the same style together. This way, you can see how much you have of each kind of thing.

It makes complete sense to ask your child to pick a manageable number of stuffed animals to keep and get rid of the rest if they have several dozen.

Assign locations by category

Reevaluating kids’ toy needs involves organizing too.  Once have all the toys organized into categories, select locations for each type of toy to go when it’s not being used. Some good ways to organize include bins or cubbies.

One big toy box is a traditional way to put away toys, but it’s usually terrible in practice. The toys get piled in and damaged, and the child can’t find anything, leading to pulling out a big pile onto the floor every time they play.

It’s better to have multiple small boxes where they know they can find certain items. You can even put labels on the bins so there’s no confusion about where anything goes. Small children can have picture labels.

Any toys that don’t fit in the assigned place should be culled. Or, if the toy is very important to the child, a reasonable spot should be found for the item. Nothing should be left out on floors or beds.

Helping others

If your kids are finding it difficult to let go, there are a couple of things you can do while reevaluating kids’ toy needs. First, let them know that their old toys don’t have to be thrown away. They can be given to thrift stores or donated so that another child can make use of them.

A lot of kids find it easier to discard old toys when they find out they can provide a nice experience for another child.

Put toys away temporarily

If charity doesn’t seem to be motivating your child, you can try putting some of the toys in storage for a couple months but not getting rid of them. Then, only take out a toy if your child asks for that item in particular.

Chances are, your kid will forget about most of the items and never ask for them. After the storage period is over, you can go ahead and donate them once you are assured that your child isn’t going to miss them.

Time to upgrade

When you Reevaluate Kids’ Toy Needs you also need to upgrade.  Another motivation that can help kids get rid of the old toys is to tell them it’s not getting rid of toys — it’s upgrading them. Your kids have most likely outgrown some of the items but are holding on because of memories. You can make this an opportunity to buy some new toys that are better suited to your child’s current age.

This is especially true of the outdoor toys that are great for spring weather. New bikes, skates, and jump ropes will help your child make the most of sunny days. Plus, they’ll get some much needed exercise.

Teach money skills

As an added motivation for upgrading and reevaluating, you can help your child to sell some of their items to second-hand stores or online. Then, let them use the money they’ve earned to select new toys for themselves.

Now that you’ve reevaluated kids’ Toy needs it good to remember, spring cleaning isn’t about depriving kids. It’s about making sure they have the things they truly enjoy and aren’t losing their favourites in a pile of clutter.

After reevaluating kids’ toy needs and you’re ready to move to the next step:  upgrading.  Upgrade your kid’s toy selection, shop our Spring Toy Sale in Toronto and Richmond Hill. It’s open all spring.