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Should I Give a Personalized Gift for Valentine’s Day?

Personalized valentine’s gifts take a little more time, effort, and planning. And that’s exactly the point. When you take the time to order a gift with someone’s name or a special message just for them, they know you didn’t just run to a store at the last minute and grab anything available.

They know you put thought into a gift just for them.

And that’s why buying a personalized Valentine’s gift for that special day is a great choice. When else is a better time to show the people you love that you are thinking about them?

So yes, if you’re considering a personalized gift, go for it! If you’re still not sure whether it’s the right choice, consider these reasons why people love getting personalized items.

People love seeing their own name

It’s true. People like to be recognized. And it turns out it’s a pretty ingrained trait in humans. Researchers have studied how people react to their name, and scans show that the brain reacts differently to being exposed to our own name versus someone else’s name. It’s because your brain recognizes your name as a core part of your identity.

When you use someone’s name, it has a powerful internal impact on them. And that kind of validation is a great way to build a connection with them. It says, “I see you,” and “You matter.”

Planned gifts are often perceived as more valuable

Sometimes you can make a quick stop on your way home and pick up a surprise gift for someone, and it can go over really well. Especially in spontaneous circumstances.

But if you are getting a gift for a specific occasion, like Valentine’s Day, then spontaneity often looks more like procrastination.

Here’s the thing, though. You can’t procrastinate with a personalized gift. You have to plan ahead to get the right words put on the gift. And the person you’re buying for knows that. When they see your special message or their name, they know you thought about them well in advance of the holiday.

And that makes the gift feel more special than something they could have picked up at any time.

They’ll remember the occasion

Unfortunately, a lot of gifts can become distant memories over time. Many adults and children own items they received as gifts, but may have forgotten who gave it to them or when they received it. Personalized gifts help to mark the occasion.

Because they are not a random item, it’s easier for the recipient to remember who they received the gift from and why.

You’ll boost your own mood

Not that gift giving should be about self-serving motives, but numerous studies have shown over and over again that people are happier to give gifts than receive them.

Some of the benefits of giving include:

  • Better mood
  • Better health
  • Stronger social bonds
  • Greater gratitude

Put simply, giving gifts makes us feel good. And knowing that you selected a thoughtful gift someone will remember will make you feel extra good.

Personalized items are great for displaying

Gift receivers are more likely to display the gift you got them when it bears their name or a message that relays how special they are to you. This is both because they enjoy being reminded of your thoughtfulness, and because it feels nice to let others see the special gift.

We want to help you get the perfect gift for someone you love, whether it’s a significant other, a friend, or a child in your life. Samko and Miko Toy Warehouse has partnered with Embroider Buddy to offer the personalized valentines gift for this Valentine’s Day.

The bear comes with one of three special messages you can choose from, plus the name of your choice.

Special message options include:

  • “I Love You”
  • “Hugs & Kisses”
  • “Be my Valentine”

This personalized bear has plush white fur with red embroidering — a perfect color combination for the holiday. It also features a convenient, pillow stuffing design. A zipper allows you to remove the inner pillow if the bear needs to be washed or repaired.

Order yours in time for delivery before Valentine’s Day, and make someone smile.  Check out all of our toys and books for holidays and special occasions.