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Wonder at the Edge of the World

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ONLY THE VERT BRAVEST SEE THE EDGE OF THE WORLD. I lie down on the grass and hold my breath until a noise like the swooshing of water fills my ears. Soon I can almost feel the earth rocking beneath me. If I squint, the thin streaming clouds against the sky are the sails that guide a ship. On the windward side, the wheat waves through the wind. On the leeward side, the curve of a rocky limestone outcropping is the breaching of a sperm whale, coming up for air. I go on this way for as long as I can. Eventually, though, I have to breathe again. And with the oxygen filling my lungs comes back reality, comes back Bleeding Kansas, comes back Father, dead and gone, and comes back the great responsibility I have of carrying on the Wonder name.

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Weight: 0.61 kg
Dimensions: 20.2 × 14.5 × 3.7 cm
Book Reading Level: Advanced
Book Cover: Hardcover
SKU: B24510
ISBN: 978-0-316-24510-4
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