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Uncle John’s iFlush: Swimming in Science Bathroom Reader For Kids Only! Hardcover

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It all started when a group of mad-scientist-type plumbers asked Uncle John a question, “Why should computers have the only worldwide network?” His answer: “They shouldn’t!” So Uncle John put together a top-secret plumbing team to link together all the world’s sewer lines and create…Presto flusho!…the Interpipe! Then he found a world-famous puzzle master to create 96 pages of interactive Interpipe adventures. With one flush of a turbo-charged toilet, a player can travel the world from Walla Walla to Katmandu, Transylvania to Timbuktu. But wait! It gets even better! Set the floater ball and flapper just right and toilet travelers can swirl backward in time. Best of all, travelers don’t have to go down the toilet alone. A charming rat named Dwayne hosts each iFlush: Swimming in Science adventure.


* As they flush their way through the Interpipe, players must solve puzzles to go from page to page.
* Puzzle solutions lead readers back and forth through the book, so that every time they open Uncle John’s iFlush: Swimming in Science, it’s an all-new adventure!
* Every page is packed with the kind of fantastic factoids readers expect from books in Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers FOR KIDS ONLY series.

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Portable Press
Patrick Merrell