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Real World Math Blue Level: Journey to the Moon Paperback

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By focusing on high-interest jobs, large photos, and an attractive layout, this set uses a series of questions to encourage students to practice math skills. The tables of content contain a list of skills covered. Some of them are as simple as number order and skip counting by fives and tens, but also include reading bar and picture graphs, performing mental math calculations, telling time, and estimating. The texts are clearly written and the questions are worded in a way that readers will have no trouble understanding what is being asked; each spread has three to nine questions. The layout flows well and the graphics assist students in solving the problems. Each volume contains a “Tips and Help” section that provides an explanation for some of the questions, followed by the answers

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22 × 1 × 29 cm
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8.66 x 0.39 x 11.42 in
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Boys, Girls, Unisex
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Wendy Clemson