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Look I’m a Mathematician Hardcover

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This playful preschool math activity book will unleash your child’s curiosity as they play their way through 20 fantastic math projects. Each easy step-by-step activity is hands-on and practical to encourage budding mathematicians to use their senses. Look I’m A Mathematician explores essential math topics to get children prepared for school, the perfect math book for kids ages 3 to 6. Look I’m A Mathematician is full of activities to show young readers just how much fun math can be! Children will discover that math has a part in everything in the world and that they already have the tools they need to become magical mathematicians, a curious mind, unlimited imagination, and super senses. A great introduction to learning math, this book teaches kids the magic of numbers through play with number bugs, creating a hungry adding robot, learning about subtraction by playing skittles, crafting 3D shape aliens, and even making a repeating pattern fruit wand. Covering a comprehensive range of math topics, from counting and numbers to shape and size, and measurements and time, this is the perfect first math book for children. Every fun project features a mixture of bright photography and charming illustrations that support the easy-to-follow activity instructions. These creative hands-on activities support classroom math taught in schools. Look I’m A Mathematician allows little readers to do what they do best – imagine, create, learn, problem-solve, and play their way to math magic! Try Out Amazing Projects! You don’t need a fancy calculator or a whiteboard full of big numbers to be a mathematician. You already have everything you need – your amazing brain and your senses! Look I’m A Mathematician is full of puzzles to solve, things to work out, and brain teasers. This educational book is full of fun math activities for kids like: A math treasure hunt, Making shape aliens, Measuring things, Clever counting and much, much more! DK’s Look! I’m Learning series of exciting and educational STEM books, focus on the sensory experience of practical learning and play. Hands-on learning experiences tap straight into kids’ insatiable curiosity and sense of wonder.

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8.27 x 0.39 x 10.24 in
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Boys, Girls, Unisex
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DK Children