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Hot Wheels Minecraft Wither Summon Playset


Valued at $44.99 CAD
$20.75 CAD

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    Minecraft joins Hot Wheels for exciting hands-on play! Kids recreate a battle from the wildly popular video game by defeating The Wither, the villainous in-game boss mob to claim the rare and coveted treasure – the Nether Star! The Wither won’t be easy to defeat though! Fuel kids’ imaginations as they take on the challenges and perils of the Minecraft world in their Hot Wheels Minecart – driven by mini-figure Steve.

    Weight: 0.9 kg
    Dimensions: 45 × 7 × 25 cm
    Age: 6-9, 10+
    Gender: Boys, Unisex
    SKU: #FTF53
    UPC: 887961642711
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