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Go Girl! (Dancing Queen/Sister Spirit/Sleep-over! 3 Books in 1)

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Go Girl! (Dancing Queen/Sister Spirit/Sleep-over! 3 Books in 1)Three chapter books in one volume!

Feel the Beat!
Charlie is buzzing! she’s just had her first-ever modern dance class. It’s so much better than stuffy old ballet. Even though the trendy girls tease her. And now there’s the performance to worry about. But none of that seems to matter once the music plays and Charlie starts to dance. . . .

PJ Party
It’s Olivia’s very first sleepover. she’s super-excited – and worried. A hundred different things could go wrong, all of them totally embarrassing! Olivia doesn’t want to let her best friend down, but . . . maybe she should just stay home?

Snip! Snip!
Cassie thinks her big sister hates her. First, she cuts off Cassie’s hair Then she stops talking to her. But Cassie knows a secret about her big sis’s big fear.

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Square Fish
Kalkipsakis McAuley