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DC Comics The Joker 19” Action Figure


Valued at $79.99 CAD
$39.75 CAD

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    The Killing Joke. Joker features seven points of articulation to showcase a variety of dynamic poses and comes in a gorgeous, display friendly storybook window box that features some of the most iconic scenes and epic battles of The Joker. The clown prince of crime is Batman’s deadliest and most unpredictable foe. Rumored to be a failed standup comedian turned petty criminal who fell into a vat of chemical waste that turned his skin white and his hair green while escaping from the scene of a crime The Joker is certifiably insane. There’s a totally twisted love, hate relationship for Batman operating in the Joker, Batman knows the Joker is mentally unbalanced, perhaps beyond help but that doesn’t make the end result of his actions any less deadly. The DC Comics Tribute Series The Joker 19” Big Figs Action Figure is a must have for your DC Comics collection.

    Weight: 1.02 kg
    Dimensions: 20.5 × 10.9 × 52.2 cm
    Age: 10+
    Gender: Boys
    SKU: #47676
    UPC: 39897476766
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