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DC Comics Superman 19” Action Figure


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When enemies from a distant galaxy threaten the survival of his adopted planet, even the World’s Greatest Heroes need Superman. Rocketed to Earth from the doomed planet Krypton, the infant Kal-El was adopted by kindly Kent family of Small Ville, Kansas, Young Clark Kent grew strong and powerful under the rays of earth’s yellow sun, developing a phenomenal array of superpower. In adulthood, Clark would use these abilities as Superman, championing the virtues of truth, justice and the American way while keeping secret his true identity as crusading reporter for a great Metropolitan newspaper. Superman stands at 19’’ tall and includes seven points of articulation to showcase a variety of dynamic poses. Superman is the DC Originals Tribute Series Collection.

Weight: 0.95 kg
Dimensions: 20.5 × 10.9 × 52.2 cm

DC, Jakks

Age: 10+
Gender: Boys
SKU: #47641
UPC: 39897476414
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