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christmas cheer board Toy Drive


Since the end of WW1 Winnipeg citizens have been preparing food hampers and children’s gifts for the less fortunate in our city.  As we reach our 100th year, we recognize that the need that began as a way to help widows and orphans of the Great War has now grown to include those who may be struggling with their need to  look after themselves and their families as well as newcomers who may have arrived from a country that is no longer safe for them.  Christmas of 2016 saw our organization deliver food hampers to 18,00+ families along with almost 20,000 gifts for children from babies to 14 years old.  We are successful every year because of the grass roots participation of so many individuals, businesses, schools and churches to fund raise, food and toy drive and spend many hours in our warehouse preparing and delivering the hampers.  “Caring and Sharing”.

For more information visit christmascheerboard.ca

$6.00 CAD

    Your  donation amount will go towards toys for the the age group(s) you choose.