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Animal Exploration Lab for Kids Paperback

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Animal Exploration Lab for Kids is every young zoologist’s go-to guide to the wonderful world of animals. This hands-on, interactive, family-friendly animal reference guide features fun activities designed to enhance your understanding of, and love for, the animal kingdom as you: Explore the techniques that researchers use to study animals. Investigate the adaptations and behaviors that make animals so unique. Study how animals sense and respond to the world around them. Discover new ways to support and conserve your amazing animal neighbors. Practical experiments inspire observations of nature and the animals that surround us. For example, in Unit 1 you’ll use a trail camera to document animals around your home and in Unit 2, you’ll examine the usefulness of blubber in keeping polar animals warm. With this book you’ll not just learn about animal forms, functions, and behaviors, but also how to respect and care for them. Each lab in the book is designed to help you build new knowledge and skills around animal science and are broken into the following sections: Safety Tips & Helpful Hints provides additional guidelines and insights for successfully conducting each lab. Procedure provides details about the individual steps in each lab so you’ll know just what to do. Creative Enrichment helps you think about how to take your experiment even further. The Science Behind the Fun provides a simple description of the science that supports the lab and other background information. With Animal Exploration Lab for Kids, you don’t have to take a trip to the zoo to start learning about the animal kingdom.

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