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ajax pickering hospital foundation toy drive

Our program that makes a big difference to many patients

The Ajax Pickering Hospital has a Compassion Fund which is run by the Hospital Foundation Volunteers. The goal of the program is to make our patients feel cared for and comforted during their hospital visit. It is an all year round program providing comfort, happiness and a source of distraction to all patients, children, adults and seniors in all areas of the Hospital. Whether they are in the Emergency, in for a procedure or being admitted for a Hospital stay. The selected item will be given to the patient and it will become part of their personal belongings, it is theirs to keep. Since the patients are usually in a bed and our storage space is limited, the best items chosen are those that are hand held such as cars, action figures for boys and girls, dolls – barbies and others, my little pony, reading books, books with crayons or stickers, crafts, stuffed animals or other such cuddly items etc… The Compassion Fund is a program that makes a big difference to many patients.

$6.00 CAD

    Your  donation amount will go towards toys for the the age group(s) you choose.