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Vehicle Toys and RC Toys

Vroooom! Vroooom!
If your child has ever felt the need for speed, then how about a radio controlled car? Choose from your favourite super car or monster truck. Whatever vehicles they’re into you’ll find the perfect RC toy at Samko.  We’ve got radio-controlled cars based on popular favourite films like Toy Story and Cars, as well as  replicas of popular sports cars.
Toy Cars, Planes and Trains
If your little boy or girl is obsessed with cars, or other cool vehicles like planes or trains, then we’ve got some great options to fit in your child’s collection. We carry toy planes, toy trains and toy cars from Hot Wheels to Thomas & Friends, from exciting sports cars to remote controlled racers, and more!
Great Selection
RC cars offer hours of fun for adults and kids alike. Whether your looking for a hobby style off-road RC truck or an indoor-only toddler’s toy, we’ll help you find the remote control car or toy vehicle that suits your needs.