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Baby and Infant Toys

Best Baby Toys for Development

Give your baby an early start to learning with our awesome selection of baby toys. We carry toys that help babies and toddlers discover new and exciting things about the world around them, and nurture their natural sense of curiosity. For your baby, everything in the world is new — from sights and sounds to textures, patterns, and colours. The more variety they experience, the more they learn and grow.

In fact, toys aid in two different types of development, gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills are large body movements like raising the head, rolling over, walking, kicking, and throwing. Developmental toys that encourage gross motor skills can help your baby reach these milestones faster by providing practice and motivation.

Fine motor skills are smaller movements like grasping objects, pushing buttons, and pointing. These are the skills that will eventually help your infant to draw, gesture, and write.

Find Blue Box, Play Go, and Fisher-Price baby toys, including stuffed animal and plush toys, baby rattles, activity centers, bath toys, pretend play sets, and so much more!  There’s plenty to choose from at Samko and Miko Toy Warehouse.

Our collection of baby toys will also help prepare children as they get ready for pre-school.  We carry colourful infant toys designed to captivate, engage, and challenge. Stacking toys and wooden puzzles keep little hands busy and help promote dexterity and hand eye coordination.  No matter what you choose you’ll be helping your baby’s overall development.