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Plush and Stuffed Animals

Snuggle and Hug
Shopping for plush and stuffed animals for your child has never been easier at Samko.  You don’t have to be a genius to know that when you give a plush a squeeze you’ll be happy you did. For kids, giving a stuffed animal or plush a snuggle can make their worries go away and solve just about everything. At Samko no matter which plush or stuffed animal you choose, you’ll be happy to have one.

Stuffed animals make excellent baby and toddler toys. But did you know that older children still benefit from plushes, too? Our selection includes stuffed animals that older children will want to snuggle and share their thoughts with.
Fun Gift Ideas
Whether it’s a traditional teddy bear or popular movie character, kids love playing pretend or falling asleep with their plush and stuffed animals.  They foster imagination and discovery, and are there to hug and cherish. They can also remind kids of fun memories and events when given for a particular milestone, or when the plush is with them during a special time. That’s why these cuddly little pals make perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays, and other milestones.