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Toy Deals

Low Prices and Great Value

Our toy deals are here!  Toys are more than play things, they are the building blocks of your child's future - shop for toys at Samko.  We have hundreds of educational toys and inspirational books for kids which both educate and entertain. Our toys encourage imagination and stimulate curiosity about the world and beyond.

All toy deals are available through our online shop and in-store. We pride ourselves in providing customers with toys and books at the lowest prices in Canada, with up to 75% off retail prices.

Imagination and Fun

Looking for those perfect toy deals?  We’ll you’ve come to the right place.  At Samko we want kids imaginations to soar without breaking the bank. We have many top brands and toys that kids love and trust like Paw Patrol, Barbie, Fisher-Price, Thomas, Hot Wheels, and more!

From newborns all the way up to teenagers, you’ll find a great selection of interactive and hands-on toys.   Toys such as building blocks, Lego, and K’nex allow kids to construct their own creations, and action figures and playsets that open up whole new worlds – it’s time to shop and save at Samko!