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Minecraft Books and Novels

Your Minecraft library is here!

Reading is AWESOME and we have a selection of great Minecraft books and novels to prove it! If you have a kid, there’s a good chance they play Minecraft. Minecraft is still one of the most popular video games in the world and fans are loving that this awesome game has spilled into the publishing world. These exciting Minecraft books and novels will make any devoted fan latch onto the mythology of the game. They can read about legends, quests, Nether portals, zombie pigmen, and the game’s unofficial boogeyman, Herobrine.  Any kid that constantly delights you with tales of their Minecraft adventures will appreciate these works of fan-fiction – they are so popular that they’ve become a New York Times bestselling series.

Listening to your kids is important

Books and games are a great way to bond with your kid. You can talk about the Minecraft stories and mythology together. Right now, Minecraft may seem like the most important thing in their life to them. So you should treat it that way too. That way, when they get older and have more serious concerns than whether they’ve built their Minecraft world right, they’ll know they can come to you and you’ll listen.