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Holiday Books for Kids

New and Traditional Stories
Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Easter, or something else entirely, Samko’s selection of holiday books will help you make wonderful family memories. Choose from any seasonal holiday and get lost in the imaginative illustrations and unforgettable stories.

These titles will help teach kids about traditions, events and celebrations across different cultures. Browse our holiday and celebration books and save up to 75% off retail prices.
Shop for Kids Holiday Books
Holidays are always a good time to adapt and extend reading habits away from school and other activities. It’s easy to get in the habit and tradition of reading books with kids during the holidays. Plus, time off from school and work provides more time to interact and bond with your kids.

Seeing their faces light up as we read about the Easter Bunny or Santa is a happy sight. Shop at Samko for a lot of familiar holiday stories, and also new stories that you will enjoy too.  After all, you’ll probably have to read the same one a few times times before the season is over.
Plenty of Options
Whether you like stories that are sweet, sentimental, or silly, there are tons of choices. From classics that have been well-loved for decades to new stories, they will all make you smile.  Our holiday story books will hold your attention whether you’re reading it for the first time or the hundredth to your child.