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Children Story Books

Kids Love Story Books

Many wonderful children’s books are available at Samko and Miko Toy Warehouse. Our books span age ranges from preschool to teens, through to young adults. Story books take kids’ imaginations to a whole new level by mixing imaginary worlds with everyday life, encouraging children to believe in themselves and celebrate the differences that make them special.

Positive Values

Story books for young children often contain rhyme and repetition, with familiar domestic settings and animals that help teach children all sorts of life lessons. Inspiring characters can bring concepts like self-confidence, persistence and compassion to life, not to mention equality and friendship. Why not instill these, and other, positive ideas in your child with a book from our store?

Why you should compare kids books to real life?

When reading together, explain to your child how events or places in books relate to real life. Comparing details in stories with your your own shared experiences help make reading words on a page seem realistic, and also helps your child understand the content better. For instance, “Do you remember your first day of school?” These kinds of questions open up child-led conversations that help them learn to express their thoughts and their feelings clearly.