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Children Novels

Novels for Kids

Here you’ll find the best young kids novels and books, all available at unbelievable prices. Our selection of novels will entertain young readers of all tastes and interests.

For a whole host of reasons, it’s easy for reading (and the enjoyment of reading) to take a backseat these days, especially with the growth of technology and how busy kids get. But, with our range of amazing young kids books, we’re sure that your child will more likely be seen with a book in tow than without.

Something for everyone

Whether the young child or teenager you’re buying for prefers fantasy, the supernatural, fiction or non-fiction books, our collection is varied enough to appeal to all developing interests. Plus, you’ll find a range of fiction titles that can help expand the mind in ever fascinating ways – there’s plenty to explore at Samko.

Pick your titles

Take a look at our great range of novels — pick a title, and you might be surprised by how well it’s received by the teen in your household. Many young adult books that are perfect for teens are adapted into movies. If your teen balks at reading, you might try enticing them with the book that inspired their favourite film.