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Prepare Kids for School with New Books

If you’re like a lot of parents during back-to-school season, you’re probably always on the lookout for good ways to help your kids get back into their school schedule and stay on top of homework from the outset. You’re in good company. We see a lot of parents at Samko & Miko Toy Warehouse who prepare kids for school by getting them more interested in learning.

That’s why we want to let you know about how important it is to give your child access to books as the school year begins. In fact, you may even want to share this article with other parents you know.

Because parents are always coming into our stores asking about which books are best for their child’s age or interests, we thought we’d provide this handy guide to the best books for back-to-school.

These are some of the best books we offer, and we know you and your kids will enjoy them too.

Prepare Kids for School: Books for all ages

Our online store offers books at appropriate levels for all kids. And it’s easy to search by age category. A Lullaby for Little One is one of our most popular board books for toddlers. It follows the fun day of Big Daddy Rabbit and his Little One. At the end of the day, Big Daddy Rabbit sings a lullaby.

Leveled readers, such as Ruby Writes a Story, are excellent books for young elementary school children. This book follows the cartoon characters Max and Ruby, and it also offers a lesson on how siblings can get along even when they both want to do something different. It also features a character writing her own story, and writing is another skill kids will need during the school year.

If your child is already reading chapter books, check out Pi in the Sky. It’s a funny tale about the seventh son of the Supreme Overlord of the Universe. It also includes interesting quotes from scientists, including physicists and astronomers.

Not all books are fiction

Getting kids to read isn’t just about storybooks, though. Reading is useful for a variety of activities that help kids learn and grow, and helps prepare kids for school. That includes learning to follow recipes and cooking instructions, following directions for putting together toys, and learning to use devices and applications — a necessary skill for kids today.

Not to mention, your kids will be reading a lot in class, and starting at home gives them a head start. In addition to fiction, we carry books that cover history and science topics. Kids can learn about life in Ancient Rome or explore different animal habitats and behaviors. If they’re covering these topics in class, they can expand their knowledge by reading further at home.

Speaking of a head start on the school year, workbooks are a great end-of-summer activity to refresh your child’s memory on the subjects they’ll be getting back into. We offer workbooks for grade levels from Pre-K to 4th.

Why encourage kids to read?

Reading is a huge step towards independence. For your child to be a successful student, and eventually a successful adult, good reading comprehension is a necessity. The more kids read, the better their reading comprehension becomes and the more words they have available in their vocabulary. As vocabulary grows, it in turn fuels comprehension in even more subjects.

To keep your child’s brain growing, you need to provide opportunity to read even outside of school hours. That means continuing good reading habits over the summer, on weekends, and after school (even if they already read for homework).  Plus, practicing reading will prepare kids for school.

Get Scholastic licensed titles

Is your kid stuck on TV and video games? You can ease them into reading more by providing fun books with licensed characters. Our selection includes books on Lego Batman, Star Wars, and Frozen. Seeing characters that they recognize and already love can help a lot in getting kids interested in reading.

Did your kid watch more TV over the summer than they normally do during the school year? No worries. It’s not too late to ease them back into reading as they prepare to go back to school.

Browse the huge selection of fiction books, educational books, and workbooks at Samko & Miko Toy Warehouse. You’ll have your kid ready to go back to school in no time!