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Introducing the Hi5 Kids: A Toy Review Vlog by Kids, for Kids

Ever wonder what kinds of toys and games your kids might want for holidays, birthdays, or just for everyday fun? The best place to find out is from other kids who have tried out the toys and games for your child’s age range.

And that’s exactly where the Hi5 Kids come in—Ezel and Sofia are elementary school-aged kids who open toys from Samko and Miko Toy Warehouse on videos on their YouTube channel. They play with each of the toys and provide feedback about what things they like and what they don’t like.

Having this information can help parents see more about toys before making a purchase. And that means you won’t be surprised about what you’re actually getting for your child. It can also help you to gauge which toys are more likely to make your kid excited about playing with them.

Let’s look at some of the latest videos from the Hi5 Kids and toy information you can find in each…

Pokemon & Charizard

In this video, Ezel and Sofia have out a collection of Pokemon cards, and as Ezel says, they “are in Pokemon Heaven.”

Pokemon is a game that allows kids to collect multiple different types of cards to play against each other. And the more cards a child has, the more play combinations they can create in the game, and the better chance they have of winning.

So buying more cards is a safe bet for any kid who you know is already a Pokemon collector.

The main attraction of this review is a Pokemon Charizard GX premium card set. It comes with multiple booster packs, a scratch card, and a collectible pin. The set also has a Charizard collector coin. Both Ezel and Sofia seem to think this set is cool.

If your kid is a Pokemon collector, you’ll find valuable info in this video. Check it out here.

Dinosaur Park

In this episode, Ezel and Sofia open a Dinosaur Park building set. It comes in a large box that contains a playmat with a map of the park. It also contains walls, trucks, and a light-up, noise-making volcano.

Both kids seem really excited about opening and building the set. The whole toy is reminiscent of the Jurassic Park movies. It has dinosaur and human action figures, so kids can roleplay different scenarios in the park. Toys that allow for roleplaying are great for kids to learn social skills and exercise their creativity.

Any kid who loves dinosaurs will enjoy building and playing with this set. You can learn more about the toy in the video. Check it out here.

Best Tips for Halloween Shopping

Halloween may be over, but this video still has a lot of good tips for costume shopping for kids. Costumes can be a fun way to celebrate birthdays or have themed parties for any occasion.

And as you can see from the fun the Ezel, Sofia, and their friends are having in the video, kids really get excited about trying on costumes. There’s no need to throw them out after the holiday. Instead, costumes can be a year-round dress-up toy that aids in kids’ creative play.

See which kinds of costumes the kids picked in the video by clicking here.


Fingerlings’ motto is “friendship @ your fingertips”. They are cute animal toys that are similar to finger puppets. They wrap around a finger, making them an easy toy for kids to take along on car trips.

In addition to the toys themselves, Ezel and Sofia had a good time building the playset that comes with the monkey Fingerlings they opened. The playset looks like a playground with monkey bars and a swing. The fingerlings can hang from the bars or sit in the swing.

The Fingerlings also blink and make noises. See these cute toys for yourself here.

The videos are a lot of fun for Ezel and Sofia, and your kids may enjoy watching them too. Plus, once they see specific toys and games in action, they may be able to tell you exactly what they want the next time you go toy shopping. And you won’t have to worry that they’ll be disappointed because you’ll both know exactly what’s in the box.

If you want to find out more about the Hi5 Kids and the toys they review, check out their YouTube channel here.