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Here are the Top Back-to-School Items

Yes, back-to-school lists can be long and filled with things you don’t understand, like why your kid needs 50 glue sticks for one school year. It’s completely understandable that you feel done with shopping and hope not to look at another school supplies aisle for the next twelve months.

But before you vow not to buy another item, consider that there may be a few things that could benefit your child’s education with these top back-to-school items, items that the school did not place on their list. Schools only name the items necessary for completing classroom assignments, but education continues at home.

Now is the perfect time to go ahead and grab the things schools don’t tell you that you need to create a more successful school year and future for your child. Take a look at our list of top educational items.

Top Back-to-School Items:  Thermos lunch kits

School lists don’t usually remind you about optional items like lunch gear. But if your child takes their lunch to school, or needs to pack a lunch for field trips, you’re going to need a few things to transport food and drinks in.

Thermos brand has a proven track record for being high-quality, durable lunch containers. At Samko & Miko Toy Warehouse, we carry Thermos lunch bags and drink containers, as well as food thermoses to keep lunches hot or cold.

Bonus: our containers come in licensed character themes, including Superman, Star Wars, and Frozen.

Markers and crayons

Our list of top back-to-school items includes crayons.  You probably already picked up markers and crayons for school. They’re a staple of school supply lists. But did you pick up a few extra packs for at home? Having markers and crayons on hand at your house can help out a lot if your child brings home assignments or projects that require pictures or charts.

When they have these items at home, they don’t have to worry about transporting supplies back and forth from home and school.

Additionally, nurturing art and creativity at home (regardless of whether any art is assigned at school) is good for your kid. Art can be a way for kids to learn better communication skills. It helps them learn to focus on a task. And it improves development of motor skills for younger children. In fact, time spent developing art skills is linked to better academic performance.

It’s understandable if you want to spend as little as necessary on school supplies. There’s a lot of stuff required to get your kid the education they need and help them be prepared. That’s why we have discounted markers and crayons this time of year.

We also have deals on specialty markers, like brush tip markers. These are fun for kids to explore new ways of making art, and they typically aren’t the kind of markers on a school supply list.

Art kits

If you want something all-in-one that your kid can get creative with, art kits are a great way to make sure they have everything they need for exploring their creative side. We have a Crayola Creative Tools Art Kit that is perfect for elementary school students. It includes crayons, markers, coloured pencils, and note paper. It even comes with a pencil sharpener, and it all folds away neatly in a book-style kit. That means your kid can easily take it with them wherever they want to draw or write.

If you’re looking for something more like a colouring book, there’s the portable Crayola Star Wars Stormtrooper Art Kit. It comes with colouring sheets depicting scenes from the movies and fun Twistables coloured pencils and crayons.

Pokemon supplies and toys are popular with kids of a variety of ages. You can get your Pokemon fan an activity set that allows them to decorate their own small posters, and the kit also includes a colouring book and stickers.

Providing arts and crafts for kids gives them something to do other than sit in front of a screen all day, and that really is important for their development. Don’t believe it? Studies show that frontal lobe development is noticeably reduced by screen addiction. Shop our online store for the top back-to-school Iitems in school and after-school supplies that can keep your kid both entertained and on the path to success.