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Our Fundraising Program is currently unavailable due to covid-19

We hope to have our  Fundraising program up and running again in 2021.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Welcome to Our Fundraising Program

It’s easy, fun and PROFITABLE

A fundraising program should be more than earning profits. It should be fun! Samko & Miko put the fun into fundraising with our easy-to-use fundraising program. What makes our program so unique is that there is NO selling or money collection involved. Our program has assisted thousands of groups from schools and day-cares to Sports groups and church organizations.


It’s easy! Have your group shop at Samko & Miko Toy Warehouse and receive a cheque for 10% of your group’s total purchases (before taxes).

Don’t miss out on this simple, hassle free program that can help your group reach its goal, and help your members save on their own personal shopping.

  • We've Helped Raise Thousands.
  • It Works!
  • Over the past 35 years we have been able to help many groups raise money for their respective charities and organizations.

    Our fundraising program runs every time we have a sale and groups must be registered with us to participate.

    Fundraising FAQ

  • Registration Closed
Samko and Miko Toy Warehouse Fundraising
Incredible Deals. Thousands of Brand Name Toys and Books.
Raise funds for your group or charity, it’s fun and easy!
Register Your Group Today!
How it Works
FIVE Easy Steps


Before you register you will need to know:

What your Group Name will be. It can be any name as long as your group will remember it!
What Sales you would like to participate in. You must register for every sale you would like to participate in each year, we do not automatically register group.
Our fundraising package includes a Confirmation/Information Page, Remittance form, Members letter and digital flyer, there are physical flyers available in-store only and on our website for your members viewing.  The fundraising package will be sent via email.
For online shopping only, you will receive a confirmation page with a code that needs to be used when fundraising and a remittance form emailed to you. There are no flyers for online shopping.


Distribute the digital flyer and members letter to all group members.  Group members must consist of people directly involved with the group and family and friends of those people. Inform your group members of:

Your Group Name
Your registered Shopping Weeks (All groups have the entire length of the sale as their registered weeks EXCEPT for the Toronto & Richmond Hill FALL Sale where groups must choose a 2 week time period).
Your registered Store Location(s)
Your group members must use the online code provided in order for the purchase to be used for Fundraising and the dates will be the same as in-store shopping.
Solicitation of receipts from members of the general public is strictly PROHIBITED and will result in the permanent cancellation of your group.


Instruct all your members that they must have their sales receipt stamped by the cashier when checking out by providing the cashier with your registered Group Name.
Your group members must them submit their original itemized stamped receipt from in-store shopping, to the group leader.
Inform group members to take either a photocopy or scan of their receipt, as the stores WILL accept a photocopy or scan in the event that an item is defective and needs to be exchanged. However, the fundraising department will NOT accept a photocopy or a scan.
Special Event Discount receipts CANNOT be submitted. These are large Volume orders that received a 10% discount at point of sale.


After the sale is over, collect all the original itemized stamped receipts from your members and check for the following:

All receipts are stamped
For the Toronto and Richmond Hill Fall Sales – All Receipts must be dated within their registered 2 weeks.
All receipts are the ORIGINAL ITEMIZED STAMPED receipts from in-store shopping (members should keep a photocopy or scan for themselves).
Your group members will not hand in a receipt for online purchases, the total sales will be calculated within the fundraising department and added to your in-store submission total.


After your receipts have been checked, complete the Remittance Form (found in your Fundraising Package). To complete the Remittance Form you will need to know:

Whom to make the cheque payable to?

Please note, that cheques CANNOT be processed to individuals or personal accounts.

The address to send the cheque to.
Contact information of the person requesting the cheque.
The grand total of your receipts (before taxes), then 10% of that total and how many receipts you are submitting.

When the fundraising department receives your remittance, all online sales  will be calculated through the fundraising department, and added to your remittance total.

After completing the remittance form combine all your original itemized stamped receipts together with your remittance form and mail them to our Head office. You may send your fundraising submission by regular mail. It is strongly recommended that you keep a copy or scan of your entire submission in the event that it gets lost in the mail. Ensure that you have mailed your submission package to arrive at our Head Office by your Remittance Due Date (found on your remittance form). For groups that have missed their due date, please contact the fundraising department.


Your group will then receive a cheque for 10% of your total sales (before taxes)
A copy of the total online sales for your group will be enclosed with the cheque.
Please allow 4-5 weeks to receive your cheque.
Samko and Miko Toy Warehouse Fundraising