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Fundraising FAQ

Questions & Answers

Can I have our fundraising cheque made out to my name?

No, cheques cannot be made out to personal accounts.

Can I register for more than one sale during the year?

Yes, you can register for multiple sales. For example, you can register for the Spring, Summer and Fall Sale for the Toronto and Richmond Hill locations at once.

Can I register for more than one sale during the Fall season?

Yes, you can register for multiple locations during the fall. For example, in Fall you can register for the London Sale and the Hamilton sale and for two weeks at either the Toronto & Richmond hill locations.

Can I register for online then at a later date during the sale register at the other locations?

No, online only is exclusive to shopping online; however all the other in-store locations include online shopping within the sale dates that you have chosen.

Can I register for Toronto in Oct. and Richmond Hill in Nov.?

During the fall season can I register for 2 weeks in Toronto in October then another two weeks in November at Richmond Hill?

No, each group only gets 2 weeks per sale per location and the Toronto and Richmond Hill locations are considered as one. Therefore during our fall sale when you choose your 2 week time period and it is for both the Toronto and Richmond Hill locations.

Do I have to register for Toronto and Richmond Hill Separately?

No, the Toronto and Richmond Hill locations are considered one. Therefore, when you register at one of them you are automatically registered at the other one for the exact same time.

Can I register after the sale has already started?

No, each sale has a registration deadline and the final list is made at this deadline. The only exception is the Toronto & Richmond Hill Fall sale but you must register before the start of the weeks you are choosing.

What do I do if I have a defective item?

If I give my original receipt to my group leader for the fundraising program, what do I do if I have a defective item?

Keep a photocopy or scan your receipt into your computer and if you have a defective item our customer service team will accept a photocopy or a scan of the receipt as they know that the fundraising department requires the original.

Can I have more than 2 weeks in the fall?

No, each group is given 2 weeks only regardless of group size.

What if my fundraising submission package gets lost in the mail?

This unfortunately happens at least twice a year. Please take a copy or a scan of all your receipts and your remittance form so that if it does get lost in the mail, the fundraising department will process the copy or scan.

How can I effectively promote the program to my members?

The best way to promote is to send out a write up to your members with the following information A) shop on the appropriate dates B) remind them of your group name at that they must say it to the cashier c) inform them where and to whom to give the receipt to afterwards. The most successful groups have been those that have been very clear with the instructions. And for those informing by email the same info must be clear.
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