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Paw Patrol Toys

Kids can be a part of the pups’ world!

Paw Patrol is a favourite TV show and toy line of younger kids. Little kids love to be a part of the world of their favourite characters! That’s exactly what they can do with Paw Patrol toys and games. And why wouldn’t they want to play in a world where kids and puppies can be heroes and save the day?

The Paw Patrol and their human friend, Ryder, are always on the alert and to the rescue!

Paw Patrol teaches kids to be brave

Fire rescues, helicopter rescues, police rescues, and more—the pups in the Paw Patrol show kids about caring for their communities and getting things done in an emergency. Paw Patrol toys are great for active kids who want to role-play daring scenarios.

Kids learn about diversity

Each member of the Paw Patrol is a different breed, from husky to dalmation, and from bulldog to mixed breed. They all look different and work together. Not only that, but the Paw Patrol team brings together different talents. Each pup has its own specialty. There is a mountain rescue dog, a water rescue dog, a jungle explorer dog, a construction dog, a helicopter pilot dog, a police dog, a firefighter dog, and a handy recycling dog.

The diversity of characters makes this show great for kids who want to collect toy versions of each pup! Having a variety of role models and types of toys helps kids to explore their own possibilities and interests. By having mini figures of each pup, kids can discover and roleplay what it’s like to be a real-life hero in one of these careers!