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Mattel Toys

You can trust the quality of Mattel toys

Mattel toys have been around for decades, and Mattel is now the parent company of several other lines of toys we offer. Among the lines of toys now under the Mattel label are Barbie, Fisher-Price, Thomas and Friends, and Hot Wheels. Under the Mattel brands you’ll find dolls, toy vehicles, craft sets, action figures, board games, and outdoor toys.

There’s something for everyone!

Mattel makes toys for kids of all ages

Because so many well-known brands fall under the Mattel label, they provide a huge variety of toys for different age groups. For instance, the Fisher-Price line focuses on infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Lines like Barbie and Thomas and Friends offer toys and character-themed items for kids from preschool to grade school ages. And although Hot Wheels are popular with younger kids too, they are collected by many kids even when they are older.

You’re sure to discover something perfect from Mattel for the kid you’re shopping for!

Bring your family together with games

In addition to toys that allow kids to be imaginative and play alone or with their friends, many of the Mattel brands also make board games that families can play together. Playing with your kids helps them build trust in you and communication skills that they will need as they grow. Go ahead and be silly with your kids. It’s good for them. Find games that both you and the kids will enjoy!