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Hasbro Toys

Trust in the most popular toy maker in the world

Hasbro is currently the world’s most successful toy and game company, and creates tons of popular toys, board games, and accessories. Popular toy lines from Hasbro include Star Wars, Transformers, My Little Pony, Nerf, and Play-Doh. They are also the creators of game night classic, Monopoly. In fact, you can find new versions of Monopoly for many popular movies and characters.

Hasbro makes toys for all seasons

Whether your kid is looking for something to do inside on a rainy day or they want to go out to play in the sunshine, Hasbro toys have them covered. Tons of different Hasbro toys keep kids occupied inside. Action figures, dolls, and playsets allow them to make-believe and tell stories to themselves and each other. And craft toys like Play-Doh give them an opportunity to be creative and develop their fine motor skills.

Toys like Nerf blasters and super soakers keep kids busy outside, and keep them healthy with exercise. It’s more important than ever to provide kids with toys that get them moving and get them away from the screen.

Hasbro character-themed toys are exciting and fun

Kids love toys with characters they recognise. And Hasbro has no shortage of character toys from popular movies, TV shows, and books. You’ll find the biggest kid favourites from Power Rangers to Transformers and from Star Wars to Disney princesses.