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DC Comics Toys

Kids love comic book characters

Comic books are a great way to get kids started with reading more in-depth material. A lot of kids are resistant to reading novels. Comics are great in between when going from young reader books to more complicated titles because the words are broken up by attention-grabbing images.

Your kid has likely seen DC Comics characters in both books and films, as well as on TV shows. So they are familiar with the characters and their stories. That makes it easy for kids to play make-believe with DC Comics games and action figures.

Find the superhero toys that help your child dream big

 Check out DC superhero dress-up costumes, action figures, RC race cars, masks, books, and playsets. Allow your child to unleash their imagination and re-create the fantastic adventures, as well as invent new stories, of the DC Comics universe. Kids of all ages enjoy collecting and creating with their favourite heroes.

DC Comics characters are classic superheroes for kids

 Kids are already familiar with many of the characters in classic DC comics. There’s a whole universe out there filled with fantastic heroes and villains that inspire kids to do good in the world. DC characters your kids may have heard of include Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Catwoman.

And there are toys and other action figures for these characters and more!