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Barbie Dolls and Playsets

Barbie is an iconic toy

Children have enjoyed dressing up Barbie dolls in various outfits for decades. And each year, Mattel comes out with more diverse dolls and fashions, keeping her among the top favourite toys for kids.

Barbie dolls tend to be more like action figures than dolls, making them great for older kids. However, the toy line provides plenty of Barbie-branded toy options for younger kids and toddlers, too!

Barbie represents possibilities

Barbie has always represented strength and equality. There are Barbie dolls for different careers, hobbies, styles, and cultures. And Barbie dolls don’t only include the classic Barbie anymore. There are dolls with other names, and male dolls, as well.

Mattel has been making Barbie career dolls dressed in a variety of work outfits since 1960. And Astronaut Barbie was released in 1965. Pretty much any way your child looks or whatever they want to excel at, there is a Barbie doll for them. Barbie has been inspiring kids since 1959.

Get all the top picks from Barbie

You’ll find not only dolls and a huge variety of doll clothes for playing make-believe and creating stories, but Barbie can also be found on musical instrument toys, books, art activity sets, and playsets. Whatever type of toy or book your child prefers, Barbie can be their role model. Dolls and stories include gymnasts, business owners, fashion icons, and dolls from beloved movie franchises.