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Best Toys for Toddlers

Do you ever struggle to know which toys are best to buy for your toddler, or as gifts for the children of friends or family members? Lots of us do. The toddler years are a difficult time to buy for.

Children at this age are not yet well-versed in communicating. And what often happens is they ask for a toy they see in the moment, but end up never playing with it once it’s at home. Have you ever been there? It’s pretty frustrating, isn’t it?

But you still want to buy something that the child will enjoy. So how do you know what to do? Treat it like any other problem, and get advice from other people who have been looking for the same answer.

We’ve asked around, and this is what we found out about getting the right kind of toddler toys for particular situations…

What kind of toys help my toddler to learn?

A lot of the best educational toys for toddlers are in toy categories that you’ve already heard of. But they are classics, and you shouldn’t shy away from buying them for kids. You may think that traditional toys are boring. But you’ve got to remember that a toddler has only been on the earth for a very short while. Everything is new to them.

Chunky puzzles that are easy for them to grab and only have a few pieces are a perfect toy for learning. It’s a great first step towards building logical thinking. Age-appropriate puzzles come in a variety of styles, such as this wooden alphabet puzzle that also teaches letters.

What are good toddler toys to take on a trip?

When it comes to trips you want something that will keep the child occupied without making a mess in the car. A lot of parents try to keep kids quiet with car snacks, but this really is not the best option. It’s not healthy to teach your child to stay occupied with food.

Travel toys are a much better option. And you don’t really have to get that creative to find something that works. Many of your kid’s regular toys can travel quite easily. If you’re not sure what to pack, a board book usually does the trick. Pick one that your child can enjoy on their own, even if they can’t read. For instance, a book with pull-tabs or textures or pop-ups.

How do I keep an active toddler busy?

If you have a toddler who just won’t sit still (and who doesn’t?) this is a great opportunity to teach them about healthy activity. Rather than telling them to sit still, provide toys that allow them to move their body to the fullest. Climbing toys are excellent for this.

Many toddlers naturally love trying to climb things. And climbing teaches gross motor skills, as well as building bones and muscles. Of course, if your child has to stay indoors it can be hard to find something for them to safely climb on. To get many of the same benefits, you can give them inflatable toys, such as a small ball pit that they can climb in and out of.

What should I know about letting my toddler play outside?

If you are able to get your toddler outside to climb on slides or other playground sets, it’s never too early to teach them about outdoor safety, such as sun protection. Sunglasses are a fun way to start teaching them about protecting themselves from the sun. You can get shades in a lot of fun designs that toddlers will love wearing.

What are some unique toddler toys to give for gifts?

If you’re just searching for something the toddler in your life hasn’t received yet, here are a few suggestions we have for unique gift ideas:

We have this list helps you find something that the toddler in your life will love. Keep following our blog to get more ideas about toys for kids of all ages, or visit our online toy store to come up with ideas of your own.